Privacy Policy

Clients are required to give us information before we start working on their order. The kind of information includes; names, contact, phone number, the county of residence as well as the email address. Such information is provided for the following reasons;

  • To generate customized account for the client. Having the client’s details in our system makes it easier to keep track of any preferences that they may have and for updating their records.
  • Crucial client information is needed to continue making contact with our clients. That way we are able to keep posting our clients whenever there are changes on our website.
  • Whenever we try to make an improvement on the clients’ website, we like to engage our clients to get their feedback.

  • All data regarding customers is saved in our server. On the grounds that the problem of personal information security is important in this kind of business, we have invested by having great safety protocols set up. Each general and private information concerning a consumer are saved via a secure Socket Layer system. Only tested payment processors are used to make payments. As such there's no client’s information that will be retained on the server of the payment processor.

    Giving Client’s information to Third Parties

    No client information is shared to third parties. We guarantee 100% protection of any client’s information. Only Write My Assignments personnel are allowed to view your details with the aim of processing orders. The company is entitled to the right of using non-personal information in order to conduct market surveys from time to time.


    Cookies are small text segments which get transferred from our server to the computers of our clients. They are placed on the hard drive of the customer only after the client has approved of it. Using cookies, we are able to get additional information regarding to our clients. We therefore have a channel that we can enhance your usage of computer. However, incase the client makes a request to have the cookies stopped, that is done immediately.

    Guaranteed Refund

    Write My Assignments is committed to providing the best quality service to all our esteemed clients. Therefore, we always guarantee that our clients will have the best from us. However, in the unlikely event that a customer does not feel happy with the kind of paper that they are sent, we always have a flexible policy for refund.